A Record-Breaking Year for MVC Spirit Week!

For 30 years, Mingo Valley Christian students have participated in an annual school-wide food drive called Spirit Week, in which they bring tons (literally!) of food for John 3:16 Mission, which provides food, clothing, and shelter for thousands of economically disadvantaged families in the Tulsa area. 

This year, the 30th year of Spirit Week, the 317 students of Mingo Valley Christian set an ambitious goal of collecting 30,000 lbs for food for John 3:16 in only one week. The snow days delayed plans by a couple of days, but on Tuesday, February 11, students ended the week with a total of 32,443 pounds of food donations—that’s 102 pounds of food per student!
To make the week fun and a little competitive, Lower School (PreK-5th grade) students are divided into teams, and throughout the week they compete by bringing food, wearing costumes, having regular times of prayer and Bible study, and celebrating with daily assemblies. Upper School students also compete with one another by grade level to see who can bring the most food. This annual event regularly makes Mingo Valley Christian the largest single provider for the John 3:16 Mission’s Food Bank. 

Rev. Steven Whitaker, President and CEO of John 3:16 Mission, expresses gratitude for Mingo Valley’s help, stating: “Year after year, Mingo Valley has been the single largest donor of food to John 3:16 Mission. Their gift means that thousands of hungry and homeless people – our neighbors right here in Tulsa – don’t have to miss a meal. Mingo Valley’s students, staff, and parents truly epitomize the spirit of Christian giving.”
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