Amber Drew

Mrs. Drew earned her BA in English and Music from the University. At TU, she also earned two masters degrees-- an MEd in Education and an MA in English literature. In addition to teaching high school English, she is also the faculty advisor for our high school worship team and is an accomplished musician. She's in her sixth year of teaching at MVC. Mrs. Drew is a devoted fan of the color mint green and loves when her students find ways to sneak clever puns or adorable animal pictures into their submissions.
"It's hard to find an important aspect of life that doesn't somehow intersect with Language Arts. I enjoy using our God-given love of stories to help students learn how to engage with culture as Christians, to critically discern the media they read and consume, to develop a compelling writing voice, craft a supported argument, find an unexpected appreciation for poetry, and make connections to the lessons God has taught us through history and literature. English studies remind us that our smallest actions reflect our core beliefs and give us the opportunity to peer into the lives and experiences of others while evaluating our own, within our identity as God's children."
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