Kelly Shoop

Mrs. Shoop has taught at Mingo Valley Christian since 2010.  She graduated from Northeastern State University with a BA in Social Studies Education. She teaches both middle school world history and a high school history course she created called "Heroes and Villains of History". She’s 98% sure that she and Queen Victoria would have been BFFs if they’d had the privilege of living at the same time.

“There is a quote on the wall in the front of my classroom that states ‘ We study the past so that we may understand the present and change the future’ and it sums up my mission in the classroom. I want to teach the past in such a passionate way that my students are inspired to see the value in history and make connections between past and present. The insight and understanding I hope to generate in them will lead them to a wider understanding of God, the world, history, and their individual roles. This understanding will not only help them to become citizens who are passionate lifelong learners of history, but positive world changers with a Biblical worldview.”
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