Shaylene Chatham, MSN, RN

School Nurse
Mrs. Chatham has been our school nurse (and a stand-in mom!) for seven years. She has a BS in Nursing and an MS in Nursing Education, both from West Texas A&M University. She is well equipped to handle everything from scrapes and bumps to significant chronic medical conditions. She also coaches our jump rope team and pom squad. Outside of MVC, Mrs. Chatham also teaches pediatric nursing part time at the college level.

“I feel like I have over 200 children! I love that God has trusted me enough to be a stand-in mom for these kids during the school day. I love my relationships with them, and that they come to me with spiritual or medical problems. When a kid comes to me and they’re sick or scared, I’m able to get down on their level and provide comfort. For kids with serious medical issues, I feel blessed to be on their healthcare team and help their parents feel safer about their child’s school day.”
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