Dr. Boyd Chitwood

Dr. Chitwood is in his 29th year of Christian school leadership and in his 8th year leading Mingo Valley Christian. He has an EdD in Professional Development from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), an MEd in Administration and Supervision from UALR, and an MDiv in Theology from Vanderbilt University. He also has a BS in Physics from Rhodes College. Dr. Chitwood has served in leadership for growth in excellence in Christian schools from enrollments of 300 to 1200 in Arkansas, Florida and Connecticut before coming to Oklahoma. You can read some of Dr. Chitwood's writing here.

“As with parenting our children for their good and God’s glory, Christian education is a hard and high calling. It also is such an incredible privilege that our Lord calls us to join His work in the lives of these children. They need the hope and the truth of a Christ-centered worldview to navigate a challenging culture, and they need His grace ministered through our loving relationships with them to grow strong in the certainty of Christ’s love for them.”
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