OSF: Helpful to Mingo Valley and to You!

OSF: Helpful to Mingo Valley and to You!

Mingo Valley Christian participates in the Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF), a state-run program that allows donors to contribute specifically to the MVC scholarship fund and receive a substantial portion of their donation back as a tax credit. Depending on your tax situation, it is entirely possible that your donation to the OSF will be credited back to you fully (or almost fully)—it’s like giving, for free! Several MVC families have already contributed to the OSF and seen great benefit. One donor says, “We’ve been so pleased donating to the OSF the past two years. We have received our donation back fully in the form of tax credits and deductions both years. We are essentially sending our tax dollars to Mingo Valley as a scholarship—and we are so glad to have that option!”


When you contribute to the OSF and designate MVC as the beneficiary, those funds are earmarked for use exclusively by MVC. The scholarship recipients are selected by MVC through a needs-based assessment and then those funds are released to MVC as tuition dollars. The state of Oklahoma authorizes a tax credit for individual and corporate contributions to OSF. That tax credit can be up to 75% the contributed amount. This is a true credit, not a deduction, although charitable deductions at both the federal and state level are additionally available. When combined, these credits and deductions can drastically reduce or eliminate the net cost of the contribution.



As our enrollment increases, our tuition income increases. These funds benefit ALL students in the form of program and campus improvements, and a more financially healthy school. In the 2017-18 school year, Mingo Valley Christian awarded $44,000 in scholarships to 17 students using OSF funds. That’s $44,000 in tuition income for the school that benefited not only the scholarship recipients, but the entire student body, as the budget flexibility allows us to strengthen programs across the board. Additionally, these 17 students and families would not have been able to attend MVC without the financial aid.


A contribution to the OSF is an excellent way to take your tax dollars and give them as an MVC scholarship! Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about the OSF and we will walk you through the process.

Thank you for considering this creative and effective way of helping Mingo Valley Christian improve and thrive!

Come for a tour and get free tickets to our fall show!

CBTD logo.png

If your family doesn't attend Mingo Valley Christian but has been curious about what goes on here, this is a great time to come find out! We're offering four free tickets to our Saturday, November 4 production of "Cheaper By the Dozen" to families who come for a tour of our school between Friday, October 27, and Friday, November 3, 2017. Contact us today--we can't wait to meet you!

This family-friendly show, performed by MVC secondary students grades 6 through 12, was originally published in 1948 and later adapted into multiple motion picture versions (the plot is quite different from the Steve Martin version you may have seen, but it's just as funny!). Dramatic Publishing offers this synopsis:

Suppose you're an attractive high-school girl and you're not only a member of a large and unique family but your father is, in fact, one of the great pioneers of industrial efficiency. Then suppose he decides, for no apparent reason, to apply his unorthodox methods to you and to the rest of your big family. The results are terribly embarrassing, funny and—it must be admitted—extremely effective!

We hope you'll give us a call and let us show you around our new campus, and then you can enjoy some great theatre on us!

{The fine print: This promotion is available to parents of elementary or secondary-aged students who do not currently attend Mingo Valley Christian. Tours are not available on a drop-in basis--please call ahead to schedule. Tickets will be emailed upon completion of the tour, and they are not transferable to anyone other than the tour-taker! While supplies last.}

From Dr. Chitwood: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dear Mingo Valley Christian Parents:

We had parent-teacher conferences Thursday and Friday. You know that; you were here. I wanted to pass along just a couple of quick comments which I wanted you to hear.

Two of my teachers came in to talk to me after their conferences. You know when people speak up there are usually a large number more behind them. And what those teachers had to say blessed me.

My teachers wanted to tell me they were grateful for working here at Mingo Valley Christian because we have such great, supportive, engaged, loving parents! Your child’s teacher was encouraged because you came and appreciated them and described ways you’re working for your child’s growth.

You let your teachers see that the partnership we all so desire is in action here. For our students’ (your children’s) good and for God’s glory, school and home, parent and teacher are teaming together and blessing each other in the process.

Thank you for your hearts, your commitments, and the active investment you make in your child’s life and learning.

We appreciate you.

Dr. Boyd Chitwood
Mingo Valley Christian

First Day of School: PARKING!

We know you’re excited for the first day of school--so are we! We're expecting big crowds in the parking lot on the first day. On a normal school day, our parking lot is more than sufficient for our needs. On the busy first day of school, we’ll need your patience and cooperation to make this work! To help make the morning smooth, please follow these guidelines:

:: Please carefully examine the parking lot instructions on our website before you arrive.

:: 7TH-12TH GRADE PARENTS: We simply don’t have room in our hallways or parking lot for parents to park and walk your student(s) in. Please drop them off at the drop-off point and do not park in the lot or enter the secondary building. (Sixth grade parents, if you need to walk your student in, you may.) Thank you for your cooperation with this.

:: K4-6TH GRADE PARENTS: We know the first day of school is both an exciting and sentimental time, and we want you to enjoy the sweetness of the day. But please keep in mind that our parking space is limited. If you need to walk your student(s) in, please do so quickly and then hurry back to your car. There may be other parents waiting on your parking spot!

:: If overflow parking is necessary, please parallel park on 107th street SOUTH of our main blue entrance. We have not been able to secure permission to park in the parking lot in the Catholic church across the street, so please do not park in that lot.

:: PARENTS OF SECONDARY STUDENT DRIVERS: Please show your student the parking map before they arrive. We will have some dads on hand directing traffic Monday morning to help out.

It may take us a few days to learn the ropes in our new parking lot. Thank you in advance for your willingness to extend grace and patience to your MVC family. Let’s all remember that a busy parking lot is the sign of a growing and thriving school, and for that, we are immensely grateful!

First Day of School Rescheduled for Monday, 8/21

Dear Mingo Valley Christian Families:

You know we have been tight on construction schedule to get the building open for school. The Lord has allowed us to choose and direct some parts of the process. Other parts, we have practiced trusting Him as we wait for city building approvals.

We have had several successful inspections in preliminary phases. We have passed each one. Scheduling and approval were delayed at several points, though.

Many of you who have been in the buildings are very excited about classrooms and the look and feel of the campus God has provided us. There are still a few aesthetic finishes to complete (like sod around the building), but we are very grateful for the campus the Lord has prepared for us.

Multiple times over the past four months, we have been able to push back on to schedule after the delays. Now, we are at the stage of needing several final inspections and approvals. They were planned in time for the start of school. They are not being scheduled in time, though.

We have been delayed for final approval for occupancy to the point that this Thursday will not work for the start of school. We will start school this coming Monday, August 21.

To repeat, school does not start Thursday, the 17th. School starts Monday, August 21st.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hardship which this causes some of you. We will all be ready to start a great school year together on Monday, the 21st. 

Ready to get started together,

Dr. Boyd Chitwood
Mingo Valley Christian

Important Back-To-School Information

Important Back-To-School Information


Mingo Valley Christian families, we hope you have enjoyed a summer full of adventure! We are so eager to welcome you back to the adventure we all get to take together--our beautiful new campus, and a thrilling next chapter in the life of our school.

As you pack away your vacation gear and finish up that summer reading, we wanted you to have some information about the start of the year. (The information below is a compilation of the information already available on our new website calendar. In the top menu bar above, go to MVC PARENTS > CALENDAR. The password has been emailed to all MVC parents, but if you need a reminder, let us know. Remember to check under MVC PARENTS > RESOURCES AND LINKS for links to school supply lists, sports physicals, parking lot instructions, and much more!)


8:30 am - 1 pm :: SPIRIT STORE SALE :: We'll be open in the main lobby with lots of brand new merchandise available. Credit cards accepted.

9 am - 10:30 am :: NEW FAMILY ORIENTATION :: For elementary and secondary parents and students who are new to Mingo Valley Christian to become familiar with school procedures and meet teachers. Final 30 minutes is meeting teachers and finding classrooms and lockers. Depending on where we are in the permitting process, lockers may or may not be available to set up. Thank you for your flexibility!

9 am - 10 am :: K4, K5, AND 1ST GRADE MEET-YOUR-TEACHER (SESSION 1) :: Choose whichever session fits your schedule best! It is recommended that you bring your school supplies at this time. If you are unable to attend, it is fine to bring them on the first day. 

10:30 am - 11:30 am :: 6TH AND 7TH GRADE ORIENTATION :: This event is open to both students and parents. You'll have a chance to meet teachers and find your classes. Depending on where we are in the permitting process, lockers may or may not be available to set up. Thank you for your flexibility!

11 am - noon :: K4, K5, AND 1ST GRADE MEET-YOUR-TEACHER (SESSION 2) :: Choose whichever session fits your schedule best! It is recommended that you bring your school supplies at this time. If you are unable to attend, it is fine to bring them on the first day. 

1 pm - 3 pm :: OPEN HOUSE FOR EVERYONE ELSE (OPTIONAL) :: Find your classes and say hello to your teachers. Secondary students may pick up their schedules at the front office. Please keep in mind that your teachers are very eager to meet you, but they will still have much work to do! Feel free to pop in for a quick hello, but please save your longer questions about curriculum, class structure, etc, for the two back-to-school nights so our teachers can finish preparing for your kids! Depending on where we are in the permitting process, lockers may or may not be available to set up. Thank you for your flexibility!


7:20 am - 3:30 pm :: JUNIOR AND SENIOR ORIENTATION :: Meet at school at 7:20 am to leave for JBU in Siloam Springs, AR. Lunch is provided. Return to school parking lot at 3:30 pm. Students should wear nice jeans, dress shorts, collared shirts/polos. No frayed jeans, no athletic wear. Drivers needed--click here to volunteer or if you have questions.


8 am - 3 pm :: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL :: (Note, secondary is dismissed at 3:05 pm.) Welcome back!


6 pm - 9 pm :: ELEMENTARY SKATE NIGHT :: Grades K4-5th grade. Chick-Fil-A and pizza concessions available. $5/skater. Rhema Ninowski Center, 1025 West Kenosha Street, Broken Arrow.


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm :: ELEMENTARY BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT Join us to hear from Dr. Chitwood and your K4-5th grade child(ren)'s teacher(s) about curriculum, policies, and the year ahead. It is preferred that parents only attend this event (no students), though if the only way you can attend is to bring your kids, that is fine.


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm :: SECONDARY BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT :: Join us to hear from Dr. Chitwood, Mr. Reisner, and your 6th-12th grade child(ren)'s teacher(s) about curriculum, policies, and the year ahead! It is preferred that parents only attend this event (no students), though if the only way you can attend is to bring your kids, that is fine.




New Middle School Structure for Mingo Valley Christian

New Middle School Structure for Mingo Valley Christian

As part of the vibrant growth and improvement at Mingo Valley Christian, we are happy to announce a new initiative that will begin to be implemented at the start of the fall of 2017: A middle school structure for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in our school family. First, 6th grade moves from elementary to secondary as part of middle school. Then, middle school strategies are applied to 7th and 8th grades.

"The opportunity middle school provides comes from addressing more specifically the developmental needs of this particular range of student ages," explains Superintendent Dr. Boyd Chitwood. "Within school structures, you have more flexibility for course offerings and timing, combining classes for unit projects, and adding practical application more frequently. You’re ‘off the transcript’ so you have more room to address your students’ particular needs and potential. Yet you are providing a strong academic preparation for all that is to come in high school and in college with a team of specialized teachers passionately pursuing subject excellence for students."

Beginning this fall, our elementary school will be made up of K4 through 5th grade, with their class space in the east building on our new campus. The 6th through 8th middle schoolers will be housed in the west building with the other 9th through 12th grade secondary students. Another positive addition is the inclusion of PE in our middle school curriculum, taught by our new varsity basketball and cross country coach, Will Bryson.


Dr. Chitwood explains the benefits further: "The key shift of a middle school structure is designing educational experiences around an arc of learning from grades 6 through 8 which is tuned to the best in student growth. It’s not all focused on preparing for high school, but instead is about encouraging learning and growth for kids of this age. It involves what happens in class, but also has a lot to say about what happens outside class. Teachers plan cooperatively with individual student needs in mind. They team more than is common in high school course offerings. Relationship is absolutely key in every grade, but middle school offers occasions to cultivate those relational opportunities which are most responsive to these growing young adolescents."

We welcome the opportunity to meet the needs of our students in new and better ways, and we look forward to seeing our students thrive in middle school!

Big Communication Changes for MVC Parents

Our campus isn’t the only thing changing--we listened to feedback from our parents at the end of the year, and we are making some changes to communicate more usefully and efficiently in two big ways:

1. REORGANIZED WEBSITE/IMPROVED CALENDAR. We are making a slight tweak in the way we organize info, to make it more convenient for our parents. Now, in the top menu bar of our website, there's an item called “MVC PARENTS”. Click on it, and the drop-down menu bar offers these things:

Resources/Links. This used to be in another spot on the site, but we’ve moved it. Parents should check this spot often for forms/info/links—we update it frequently.

Lunch Menu. We know parents need quick access to this info—now it will be super easy to find.

RenWeb. Just like it sounds, this sends parents to their RenWeb log in.

Calendar. This is our new and vastly improved calendar! The old RenWeb calendar will no longer be used. For added security, this page is password-protected--the password has been emailed to all MVC families. There are several summer community events already on there (more are being added), and some start-of-school information. We plan to keep this calendar meticulously updated with the most up-to-date calendar info for school-wide (or multiple-grade-wide) information. For individual, grade-level events, parents will still hear from their child’s teacher. Click on a calendar event, and it will take you to a separate event page where you’ll see times, maps, details, contact email, necessary forms (when applicable)You can even click+gCal (Google Calendar) or +iCal to add the event to your personal calendar, if you have accounts with either of those calendar applications. Please remember that at a busy school, times and dates are always subject to change. We will ALWAYS update the calendar as soon as we know of an update, but it’s always a good idea for you to check and recheck calendar events often, to see if there has been a change.

2. TEXTING. Our parents asked for it, and we’re offering it! MVC parents: watch your email in the new few weeks for information on the new and easy-to-use (and free to you!) texting service we’ll be launching when school starts.

As always, we’ll keep our Facebook page active with school news as well—if you haven’t “liked” our page, please do so!

An Open Letter To the Mingo Valley Christian Family

An Open Letter To the Mingo Valley Christian Family

You are outstanding! We are so grateful to God for our school families – your service, commitment, excitement and spirit of community. You have given witness to the goodness of our God. It speaks so well and loudly of our Lord’s grace that so many of you joined us on Saturday to move us out of our school home for the last 14 years. Others of you have served painting or moving or doing other things leading up to the big ‘move out’ day. I hope you’ve gotten to see some of the pictures on our Facebook page of work before and work on this past Saturday.

Many of you joined us bright and early at 8:00 am Saturday morning, some staying all day long. Fresh teams joined us at 10 and noon and 2. Our rough count is that 164 of you joined us on Saturday! You brought pickup trucks and trailers and box trucks. You loaded the semi-trailers which Mr. Robinson graciously gave to us. You moved some things to our drama storage facility. You moved some things to nooks and crannies in our new building under renovation. You worked on the playground. You cleaned all the rooms at the former school building for returning it to the MVBF church in very good condition. We had dads and moms and granddads and grandmothers and high school students and younger students and alumni and faculty and staff and friends. You were all heroes!

Thank you, and may the Lord bless you for the generous gift of your time and effort.

The move-in day – bringing items from the semi-trailers and offsite storage into the newly renovated and constructed classrooms will be near to August 1. We’ll let you know as soon as our construction schedule is more sure. We may schedule some on Saturday, July 29, and some during the week of August 1 and maybe some final work on Saturday, August 5. We will let you know much more detail as we get closer to the time. With the incredible time together which the Lord gave us this past Saturday, I know you won’t want to miss one or more of these move-in service days.

Our faith is stretched and our hearts are encouraged. We saw the Lord work through the families He has called into community for His ministry of Mingo Valley Christian.

Serving Him with you,

Dr. Boyd Chitwood
Superintendent, Mingo Valley Christian

A New Logo For a New Season!

A New Logo For a New Season!

The 2016-17 school year has been a big one for Mingo Valley Christian, as we celebrated our 40th anniversary and moved plans forward toward a beautiful new school home. In light of the new season ahead for our school, we felt it was fitting to launch a redesign of our official school logo!

Between now and the end of the school year, you'll likely see both logos in use, as we phase out the old and bring in the new. Very soon we'll have some new merchandise in our Spirit Store with the new logo, including new car window clings and yard signs--we'll let you know on Facebook when they're ready.

Exciting changes abound throughout the life of Mingo Valley Christian--it's a GREAT time to be an Eagle!

A New Home For Mingo Valley Christian

A New Home For Mingo Valley Christian

The board and administration of Mingo Valley Christian are pleased to announce the purchase of a new facility to serve as a permanent home for the 40-year-old institution, beginning in the 2017-18 school year. The property is located at 8304 S 107th East Avenue in Tulsa, in the building that currently houses Hope Worship Center. The ten-acre property has frontage on Highway 169 (Mingo Valley Expressway). 

Front of building.

Front of building.

The existing building on the new property has 24,300 square feet and, after a renovation this summer, will house all elementary classrooms. Plans are underway to erect an adjacent 13,600 square-foot building to serve middle-school and upper-school students. This construction will be completed in time for school to open on August 17, 2017. Additionally, there are plans to construct a full-sized soccer field and bleachers before the 2017-18 soccer season.  



Dr. Boyd Chitwood, superintendent, explains the significance of this purchase to the community of Mingo Valley Christian: “With this new campus purchase, we have a home and a future--a place to connect, to learn in community, and a place to grow. We call a building a facility because it facilitates or makes possible something we seek to do.  We desire to educate children for their good and to God’s glory. We are committed to pursuing the fullness of God’s created intent for each of our students, a strong approach to personalized learning. This building will, in incredible new ways, allow us to do that.  We have new potential for real change in academics, in athletics and in the arts – today, two years from now and twenty years from now.” 

Elementary classroom (currently used as a preschool).

Elementary classroom (currently used as a preschool).

Common area for cafeteria.

Common area for cafeteria.

The renovations and construction in the summer of 2017 are only the first phase of development for the property. Dr. Chitwood explains that “further out, perhaps three years, on the timetable which the Lord gives us, we have developed plans for a gymnasium. We have plans for continuing improvement of our production and performance spaces for dramatic and musical programs. We also intend to construct an additional classroom building which will allow us to have two class sections per grade, grades K4 through 12th. In this building, we would also expect to have additional assembly, dining and educational spaces. Each phase includes advances in technology throughout the facility and continuing improvements to the beauty and welcoming character of the entire campus.” 



Mingo Valley Christian remains committed to the quality of relationships and community as a school. According to Dr. Chitwood, the board and administration see an optimal size for the school eventually totaling 500 to 600 students, with two class sections per grade, K4 through 12th, intending about 8-10% enrollment growth per year. “This is a rate which gives us advantages and improvements each year, while offering the right pace of growth for hiring the best faculty and preserving the cohesion and quality of our relationships as a school community,” he says. “We won’t grow there in the quickest way, but in the best way.” 

Spacious hallways.

Spacious hallways.

“MVC has developed a unique profile and impact over the last 40 years in the Tulsa community by consistently focusing first on serving spiritual needs by building biblical faith, knowledge and character in the hearts and minds of students,” says Board Chairman Ed Thomas. “The school has single mindedly cultivated a culture that celebrates partnering with families, serving others, and pursuing excellence.  MVC has always been led and staffed by individuals who are passionate about teaching from a biblically infused and academically challenging curriculum and providing godly role models to students both in and outside the classroom.”  The school will close on the purchase transaction and take ownership of the property on April 27, with move-in occurring in phases over the summer. Plans are underway for an open house for donors and alumni in the fall of 2017.

Click here to see the fun video the school used to announce the location of the property to the current families and faculty!

Room to grow! View of open acreage where new secondary will be built, looking toward the area where the soccer fields will be.

Room to grow! View of open acreage where new secondary will be built, looking toward the area where the soccer fields will be.

Aerial view of the ten-acre property.

Aerial view of the ten-acre property.

TWO MVC Seniors Recognized as National Merit Finalists

TWO MVC Seniors Recognized as National Merit Finalists

Erica Morris and Rachel Averitt

MVC seniors Rachel Averitt and Erica Morris have been recognized as National Merit Finalists, a highly coveted academic honor ultimately awarded to fewer than one percent of the initial pool of applicants.

Academic Advisor Cheryl Wassall explains further: "The National Merit road is a journey not for the faint of heart. Students enter the National Merit competition when they take the PSAT in October of their junior year. It is not until 16 months later, in February of their senior year, that they receive notification of their advancement to finalist standing. Along that path they scale many hurdles and are required to provide proof on multiple levels that they are worthy recipients of the recognition. Receiving that Certificate of Merit is a great accomplishment but the lucrative scholarship awards from the National Merit Corporation, corporate sponsors or sponsor schools truly make it worth the trip."

These two outstanding young women have not only been academic high achievers, but they've also been student leaders in numerous areas of school life.

Amber Drew, MVC English teacher, explains that "Rachel is a leader and an innovator: she never settles for the minimum or average standard in any pursuit, but finds a way to make each project so original, enlightening, and simply excellent, that it exists in its own superior standard. She does not shy away from taking on a challenge, but rather makes it her own."

Mrs. Melissa Thompson, MVC mathematics teacher, says that "Erica is a delight and an easy student to teach.  She loves and leads her Citadel house well.  She grasps Calculus “easily” through her conscientious and determined study. And, almost every morning, her quick wit, accompanied by her winning smile, brighten my day."

Two National Merit Finalists in a single graduating class of 17 students is a reflection not only of these two young women's extraordinary effort and giftedness, but also of the strong support of their parents and the faculty at Mingo Valley Christian. Erica Morris says, "At MVC, the teachers focus on making sure you understand the material, not just know it for the test. Because the classes are so small, they are able to pay individualized attention to you and help you one-on-one if you need it. MVC also teaches you to think for yourself. Instead of giving up on a math problem you don't understand, the teachers challenge you to reason through what you know and try to come up with a solution. In our Bible classes, we learn how to use logic to defend our faith. Spanish classes emphasize patterns in language rather than having us learn every word by rote memory. This type of thinking is crucial especially in standardized tests and has helped me immensely. "

In addition to these two young women, Senior Carly Torres was National Merit Commended and was recognized as a National Hispanic Scholar.

The entire Mingo Valley Christian family commends Rachel, Erica, and Carly, their parents, and their teachers for these well-deserved honors.

Read more in the Tulsa World.