9th - 12th Grade

Our high school teachers take students who have matured intellectually, emotionally and relationally through the middle school years and help them grow as independent thinkers and learners. Curricular choices increase to match students’ pursuit of particular areas of gifting and interest while still giving all students solid grounding in strong liberal arts, Christian education. Elements of our 9th- 12th grade educational program include:

  • Reading of quality, time-tested works of literature with encouragement to grow in interpretive depth and application to life.

  • Continuing growth in the depth and sophistication of student writing and oral communication.

  • Curricular offerings which offer students different paths and pacing toward growing in their mathematical understanding and problem-solving ability.

  • Bible instruction and scripture memory in all grades to grow a love for God’s Word and an understanding of life through a Christ-centered worldview.

  • Technology integrated into the classroom for enhanced student engagement in learning as well as essential practice – and appropriate discernment -- in using tools which shape so much of school and career life today.

  • Solid, fundamental preparation in vital subjects of science and history.

  • Foreign language instruction in conversational Spanish with grammar and vocabulary advances.

  • Consistent attention to the nurture of strong peer relationships growing out of maturing godly character and willingness to do the essential relational work of respect, communication, forgiveness and restoration.

  • Reasonable, effective levels of standardized testing and assessment to accountably identify learning while not overwhelming both the spirit and the time to learn.

You can read more about our curriculum here, and we invite you to contact us with your questions.