Fine Arts

When we express our own creativity, we bring honor to our Creator God. Both inside and outside the classroom, we provide opportunities for our student to express and develop their own creativity and imagination.



Elementary art is offered weekly to students in 2nd through 5th grades. The students are introduced to the idea that the arts have been and are used to record events, express thoughts, and communicate values across all times and cultures. Students are given experience with a variety of art media and tools, as they are encouraged to visually express their own ideas and to develop their ability to interpret and to copy assignments. Some units of study include the arts and crafts of different cultures, fine artists, children’s book illustrators, and holidays.


Our middle school students take art as well. They are instructed in the Biblical worldview as it relates to man and his reflection of our Creator and creative God. Students are exposed to a variety of artists and art styles and mediums as they explore the basic elements of art and produce their own artwork using the processes of drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, and mixed media.

At the high school level, students who wish to pursue art further may take an art studio class each year. They use a variety of art mediums for drawing and painting as well as exploring the processes of printmaking, calligraphy, mixed media, and ceramics. They learn to express their individual ideas taken from observation and from their memory as they survey the history of art in Western civilization from ancient Greece through the 21st century. Fourth-year art students work with the instructor to create an individualized program that will fill out their experience with various art media and styles.



The Mingo Valley Christian School Music Department has two goals: First, to open the world of music to all students, exploring voice, instruments, composing and history. Second, to encourage music students that have special ability or future plans that involve music, giving them the opportunity to stretch, develop, and meet the demands of the discipline by celebrating music in an excellent way. Instrumental and vocal music play an invaluable part in bringing God glory throughout all scripture. As students become skilled in singing and playing instruments, they are fulfilling the example, privilege, and command in scripture, which brings joy to the heart of God.

Music is integrated into our school curriculum from pre-K through high school. Elementary students visit our music classroom once a week, where they are introduced to both vocal and instrumental music, as well as music theory and history. In middle school, students are exposed to a one-semester course that provides general music appreciation, composer studies, hymnology, and beginning to intermediate vocal and instrumental performance experiences in the classroom.

In grades 9-12, students are offered Choral Ensemble as a daily elective they can take for one year or all four. Choral Ensemble provides students the opportunity to perform choral music in a group setting. Students celebrate the gift of music from a biblical perspective; they gain music literacy skills, and they sing in a variety of performance experiences at school, in the community and in music festivals.

We have creative opportunities for our students that happen outside the normal school day as well. For more information, read about our theatre program and our instrumental ensemble.

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