College Guidance

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Mrs. Sara Morton, our academic advisor, works individually with each high school student throughout his or her high school years to provide guidance along the academic journey. Academic advisement begins before the start of the freshman year when each student meets with Mrs. Morton to formulate a four-year plan of study. This plan takes into account the student’s individual abilities, academic goals, and future plans. She continues to check in frequently, carefully monitoring progress and offering advice and guidance on necessary adjustments to the plan.

Additionally, Mrs. Morton is a very capable guide through the often daunting world of college admissions. She connects students with expert advice on ACT and SAT test-taking strategies, helps students with their college applications, and consults with parents and students on securing of financial aid.

As part of their plan of study, students have the option to enroll in concurrent college classes in their junior and senior year, which enables them to earn college credit while fulfilling their high school graduation requirements.

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Important dates:

8/28   University of Oklahoma on campus for lunch

9/4      Community Care College on campus for lunch

9/8     ACT (Administered at MVC)

9/9     Get Connected College Fair

9/10    Catered lunch for all seniors provided by Lipscomb University

9/11     LaTourneau University representative available to meet with students in the morning by appointment with Mrs. Morton

9/11     University of Alabama on campus for lunch

9/18    7:00 PM Seniors and Senior Parent College Planning Workshop at MVC

9/21    Pre-ACT Pre-administration (on site; for sophomores only)

9/25    Newman University on campus for lunch

9/25    Pre-ACT (on site; for sophomores only)

10/5    PSAT Pre-administration (on site; for freshmen, sophomores, and select juniors)

10/9    John Brown University on campus for lunch

10/10  PSAT (on site; for freshmen, sophomores, and select juniors)

10/16 Rogers State University on campus for lunch

10/23  Oral Roberts University on campus for lunch

10/25  Victory College on campus for lunch

10/27  ACT (administered off-site)

11/6     Tulsa Community College on campus for lunch

11/8     Bob Jones University on campus for lunch

11/9     Colorado Christian University Jr. (providing senior lunch)

11/13  University of Tulsa on campus for lunch

12/8    ACT (administered at MVC)