My Fair Lady Cast Information

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We are looking for willing volunteers who can sew! If you or your parents or your grandmother or your Great Aunt Edna would be willing to help sew a costume, please email Shannon Lowe. Thanks!

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Eliza Doolittle – Abigail Averitt
Henry Higgins – Max Steele
Colonel Pickering – Jonathan Coleman
Mrs. Pearce – Becca Compton
Freddy Eynsford-Hill – Connor Jeffers
Alfred P. Doolittle – Tanner Luetjen
Harry – Sam Steele
Jamie – Mariah Canfield
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill – Alyssa Hall
Mrs. Higgins – Miranda Robinson
George – Cole Steeley
Zoltan Karpathy – Seth McKee
Costermongers/Cockneys -
Evan Carter, Kate Chatham, Allison Cox, Trenton Cox, David D’arcy, Abby Downing, Jensen Gressett, Miriam Lowe, Amber Middleswart, Emily Peters, Cassie Thomas
Grace Butler, Elisabeth McCoy, Elli Nauman, Olivia Wyatt
Ascot/Waltz Ensemble-
Grace Butler, Evan Carter, Trenton Cox, David D’arcy, Allison Freeman, Hope Jones, Elisabeth McCoy, Seth McKee, Elli Nauman, Olivia Wyatt

Hair & Makeup Ladies:
1.   Sydney Blackburn
2.  Riley Bruce
3.  Abby Downing Manager
4.  Molly Dudley
5.  Meredith Hall
6.  Mackenzie Johnson
7.  Faith Roy