Twelve Angry Jurors

Cast Information 

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Dates of show: November 1-3, 2018
Ticket information: TBA

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 12 Angry Jurors CAST List 

Middle School Cast

Foreman – Micah Madden
2nd Juror – Hannah Shoop
3rd Juror – Nehemiah Auxer
4th Juror – Rachel Janes
5th Juror – Isabella Foster
6th Juror – Nathan Coleman
7th Juror – Jordan Guillen
8th Juror – Miriam Lowe
9th Juror – Jorja Hermes
10th Juror – Kate Chatham
11th Juror – Gabe Thomas
12th Juror – Jane Ray
Guard – Austin Wilkins

High School Cast

Foreman – Grant Mayberry
2nd Juror – Jia Watson-Fisher
3rd Juror – Abigail Averitt
4th Juror – Miranda Robinson
5th Juror – Emily Peters
6th Juror – Sam Steele
7th Juror – Connor Jeffers
8th Juror – Rebecca Compton
9th Juror – Elli Nauman
10th Juror – Alyssa Hall
11th Juror – Mason Bayer
12th Juror – Hannah Rystedt
Guard – Evan Carter

Thanks to all 45 students who auditioned!  The first middle school read through is TOMORROW, August 27 from 3:10-5pm and the high school read through is on Tuesday, August 28 from 3:10-5pm. The read through will be in Mr. Madden’s room. You will receive a full rehearsal schedule this week.