Spiritual Development

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Every morning, our Mingo Valley Christian faculty meets together to pray for their students, our families, and to seek God’s wisdom as we partner with our school parents to see our students grow spiritually into the fullness of God’s design for every child and young adult here. We pursue that growth through weekly chapel, student-led Bible study groups, Bible taught as a subject every day at every grade, personal prayer for every student from the first day on, biblical truth and Christ-centered worldview integrated into our teaching of every subject, mentoring relationships for students with faculty for discipleship, and a hundred other ways throughout a Mingo Valley Christian educational experience.

The spiritual development of our students is in our program but so much more importantly, it is in our hearts as school leaders, teachers, school parents, and even the established and developed culture among our students.  The great majority of folks at Mingo Valley Christian want to grow in their walk with the Lord, and we seek daily to support that desire.