Coronavirus: A Letter From Dr. Chitwood to MVC Parents

Our Lord Jesus tells us this in John 14:1--“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.” Jesus is talking to His disciples the night before He is to be crucified. He encourages them to not let their hearts be troubled, and to do that by believing in God, believing in Jesus.

You do believe. Many of your children do. Your fellow church members do. Many of your friends do. That doesn’t make Coronavirus go away, but it can make your heart and mind a very different place than the rest of the world. See also Phil. 4:7. His peace, which passes all understanding, can guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Therein is found security for your children. Not the absence of danger, but real security. Real peace. Real protection.

I would encourage you, as I encourage myself, to rest there as the Lord makes it possible for you. Let His Spirit minister to your spirit. Let your children find peace and blessing in knowing where their mom and dad go with troubles and fears. If we go to Jesus, they will go to Jesus.
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As for your child’s school, for Mingo Valley Christian: Let not your hearts be troubled. Smiley face! Seriously, take a breath, think, and pray a moment. It will be ok.

We know we’re out on Spring Break after today. We know we’re out for a week. Beyond that, we don’t know. You don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll find out together.

Let's consider a couple of practical points. In ‘normal times’, you wouldn’t think about school again until Saturday or maybe Sunday night at the end of this coming week. You can do that now, too. I won’t say “never” in this because the times are nothing if not full of surprises. But I don’t intend to communicate with you until near the end of Spring Break. There’s no need, and you do need time to just be with family (at home or away or in radically altered plans than what you thought!) in the incredible gift of having each other and having relationship with Jesus.

How can that be? Don’t you have to plan and prepare if school is remote, online, not in person come March 23? No, you really and truly don’t have to plan and prepare.

If we are person-to-person and school-as-normal after Spring Break, be here on time Monday morning, March 23, and we will do school like we always do.

If we are remote after Spring Break, we will not start school at 8 am Monday morning, March 23, on the other end of a computer. We’ll communicate with you before then about what we’ll do, but you don’t have to read it to be ready for 8 am Monday morning.

If we have to make dramatic adjustments to our school year, we will start slow. Not because we won’t be ready, but because we want to go at this challenge in the peace that our Lord can provide. We will go at it with grace and with flexibility. That’s true if we have to go remote after Spring Break, two weeks later, or never.

We promise to be in close communication with you as things unfold. As always, at MVC we want our families to feel connected and informed at all times.

Be with family. Enjoy His peace.


Dr. Boyd Chitwood

Superintendent, Mingo Valley Christian
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Mingo Valley Christian