As our school year draws to a close, we are bidding farewell to three long-time employees who have left indelible marks on Mingo Valley Christian. As we send them off, we feel the loss keenly, though we are excited for them in their next chapters and wanted to take a moment to celebrate their lasting contributions to MVC.

Diane Aniol


Diane has been an MVC parent since 2002, and she’s the mom of three graduates. She joined our staff as a receptionist in 2007, moving to events coordinator in 2008, where she has served ever since. Diane repeatedly pulls off amazing events for our school, and though she has made it look easy, we know she puts in untold hours behind the scenes making everything perfect, bringing polish and excellence to everything she does. She’s made us look our very best, in highly visible ways, for many years!

“Diane is one of the hardest working staff members that Mingo Valley Christian has ever had. Many of her responsibilities took place away from school, as she shopped, baked, cooked, transported, unloaded, and served to make our events memorable and praiseworthy.  She worked behind the scenes to pull off countless Walkathons, Spirit Weeks, Homecomings, Grandparents’ Days, Clergy Days, Teacher Appreciation Days, Volunteer Lunches/Breakfasts, and many more events that we’ve all enjoyed. We will miss her AND her cinnamon rolls.” –Lynette Layden, school accountant

Nathan Kelley


Nathan came to Mingo Valley Christian as a 2nd grader in 1985, and he’s served in a wide variety of capacities ever since. He established our first computer network, internet connection, and website in the ‘90s, and he has taught multiple classes over the years (including keyboarding, tech and design, and computer applications). He’s sponsored our Tech Team for years, teaching dozens of students the art of sound/lighting/stagecraft. He has been a set designer and technical director for a staggering 32 MVC theatre productions, helping to set the bar very high for our production quality. When we moved to our new campus over the past summer, Nathan’s leadership and technical expertise were critical to the success of the huge project.

“Over the last 18 years, I have had the privilege of working with Nathan on over 30 theatre productions.  MVC’s theatre program is what it is today because of his commitment to excellence on so many levels.  His sets are always a work of beauty and magnificence, his lighting designs are on par with professional-level shows, and he works magic in balancing the sound in some difficult spaces.  He has trained many of our students to love the technical elements of theatre, while creating an exciting community in which they can thrive.  Nathan truly embodies the encouragement from Ecclesiastes 9:10, which says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” –Nate Madden, theatre director

Joe Madden


Joe’s roots with Mingo Valley are deep. He’s been involved as a parent and a teacher’s spouse since 1984! Both of his children attended MVC in the early years, and after his 30-year career with Tulsa Police Department, Joe joined our staff as Director of Maintenance 15 years ago. Joe has been keeping our facilities running ever since, and he has always found extra ways to serve and bless the families, students, faculty and staff. Between his official duties, it is not uncommon to find Joe having lunch with a student who needs a friend or scraping ice off the windshield of faculty members.

“Joe Madden has been the quiet presence at MVC that is not always seen, but whose work is apparent, even if it is sometimes taken for granted.  Many mornings, his has been the first vehicle in the school parking lot, before sunrise, so that he could prepare the building for the needs of the day. After many evening events, he has been one of the last people to leave the building, making sure everything is as it should be. Students know him as helpful, patient and diligent; faculty and staff have been blessed by his service and friendship; we have been entertained by his sneaky humor, and encouraged by his thoughtful deeds.”  --Cindy Selby, music teacher

We send these faithful colleagues off with all our affections and best wishes, and with deeply thankful hearts for the ways they’ve helped shaped Mingo Valley Christian into the place it is today.