By Dani Averitt, MVC senior and former student of Mr. Wesel

Mr. Kevin Wesel, currently the 5th grade teacher at Mingo Valley Christian, is celebrating his 30th year of teaching. We are so blessed to have him working at MVC as a servant of the Lord. His life has been such a testimony to every single student he has worked with. Thank you so much, Mr. Wesel, for your wonderful obedience to the Lord through teaching! Here are some insights into his experience in teaching and what it has done for his faith over the years.  

Where have you taught school in previous years?


I have taught for 30 years. I started teaching at Bethel Christian School in Choctaw, OK where I first met and taught with Dennis Queen. I also taught at Daystar Christian School in Oklahoma City. When I moved to Tulsa, I taught at Southpark Christian School, Evangelistic Temple School, and now Mingo Valley Christian.  

What do you teach and what have you taught in the past?

Presently, I am teaching fifth grade. I have primarily taught either fifth or sixth grade. I have also taught Bible, Math, Science, and History in Middle School and High School. 

When and why did you start teaching?

I started teaching in 1989. I always wanted to work with children. I thought for a while about being a youth pastor, but the Lord led me to teaching. 

How has teaching impacted both your faith and your life as a whole?

Teaching involves so much prayerful preparation. Each class has their strengths and differing abilities. I ask God to help me each year to make a difference in individual students’ lives. Christian education involves more than just academics; It is spiritual as well. 

Teaching isn’t the most glamorous job. What’s made you stay teaching for so long, rather than going out and getting a higher paying job?

The main reason that I continue teaching is that God wants me to teach. Obedience to God is so satisfying. God has also shown Himself as a great provider. When you are doing the will of the Lord, He will always provide.  


What are some things that stand out to you about teaching at Mingo Valley versus the other schools where you’ve taught?

I really enjoy the family atmosphere at Mingo. The parents are very involved in their children’s lives. The teachers are supportive and helpful to one another. 

How do you handle the responsibility of teaching these students about God through schooling?

I want each student to give his/her best in learning. I want them to know that God has a purpose for them and their purpose right now is to be the best student they can be. I also do not mind helping those who need extra help to get the concept. Ultimately, I will give an account to God for my life. That is very sobering to know that involves what I do here at school too. 

What has been the biggest blessing of being a school teacher, more specifically elementary?

I love being with the students all day and really getting to know them. I enjoy teaching all the subjects and doing projects that make the students work together as a team. Fifth graders also are the leaders in elementary. Each class has their own personality, strength and weaknesses. I love seeing the students do things that are hard for them and see the Lord help them. I want them to see that God is deeply involved in their lives. I want them to see that they are not doing things on their own, but that God is helping them to do it! 

If you could give any advice to students from a teacher’s perspective, what would it be?

When you cannot figure something out, your teacher wants to help you understand. Also, your talents and abilities are God-given, and you can use them at a very early age for the glory of God.