Dear Mingo Valley Christian Families:

You know we have been tight on construction schedule to get the building open for school. The Lord has allowed us to choose and direct some parts of the process. Other parts, we have practiced trusting Him as we wait for city building approvals.

We have had several successful inspections in preliminary phases. We have passed each one. Scheduling and approval were delayed at several points, though.

Many of you who have been in the buildings are very excited about classrooms and the look and feel of the campus God has provided us. There are still a few aesthetic finishes to complete (like sod around the building), but we are very grateful for the campus the Lord has prepared for us.

Multiple times over the past four months, we have been able to push back on to schedule after the delays. Now, we are at the stage of needing several final inspections and approvals. They were planned in time for the start of school. They are not being scheduled in time, though.

We have been delayed for final approval for occupancy to the point that this Thursday will not work for the start of school. We will start school this coming Monday, August 21.

To repeat, school does not start Thursday, the 17th. School starts Monday, August 21st.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hardship which this causes some of you. We will all be ready to start a great school year together on Monday, the 21st. 

Ready to get started together,

Dr. Boyd Chitwood
Mingo Valley Christian