As part of the vibrant growth and improvement at Mingo Valley Christian, we are happy to announce a new initiative that will begin to be implemented at the start of the fall of 2017: A middle school structure for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in our school family. First, 6th grade moves from elementary to secondary as part of middle school. Then, middle school strategies are applied to 7th and 8th grades.

"The opportunity middle school provides comes from addressing more specifically the developmental needs of this particular range of student ages," explains Superintendent Dr. Boyd Chitwood. "Within school structures, you have more flexibility for course offerings and timing, combining classes for unit projects, and adding practical application more frequently. You’re ‘off the transcript’ so you have more room to address your students’ particular needs and potential. Yet you are providing a strong academic preparation for all that is to come in high school and in college with a team of specialized teachers passionately pursuing subject excellence for students."

Beginning this fall, our elementary school will be made up of K4 through 5th grade, with their class space in the east building on our new campus. The 6th through 8th middle schoolers will be housed in the west building with the other 9th through 12th grade secondary students. Another positive addition is the inclusion of PE in our middle school curriculum, taught by our new varsity basketball and cross country coach, Will Bryson.


Dr. Chitwood explains the benefits further: "The key shift of a middle school structure is designing educational experiences around an arc of learning from grades 6 through 8 which is tuned to the best in student growth. It’s not all focused on preparing for high school, but instead is about encouraging learning and growth for kids of this age. It involves what happens in class, but also has a lot to say about what happens outside class. Teachers plan cooperatively with individual student needs in mind. They team more than is common in high school course offerings. Relationship is absolutely key in every grade, but middle school offers occasions to cultivate those relational opportunities which are most responsive to these growing young adolescents."

We welcome the opportunity to meet the needs of our students in new and better ways, and we look forward to seeing our students thrive in middle school!