You are outstanding! We are so grateful to God for our school families – your service, commitment, excitement and spirit of community. You have given witness to the goodness of our God. It speaks so well and loudly of our Lord’s grace that so many of you joined us on Saturday to move us out of our school home for the last 14 years. Others of you have served painting or moving or doing other things leading up to the big ‘move out’ day. I hope you’ve gotten to see some of the pictures on our Facebook page of work before and work on this past Saturday.

Many of you joined us bright and early at 8:00 am Saturday morning, some staying all day long. Fresh teams joined us at 10 and noon and 2. Our rough count is that 164 of you joined us on Saturday! You brought pickup trucks and trailers and box trucks. You loaded the semi-trailers which Mr. Robinson graciously gave to us. You moved some things to our drama storage facility. You moved some things to nooks and crannies in our new building under renovation. You worked on the playground. You cleaned all the rooms at the former school building for returning it to the MVBF church in very good condition. We had dads and moms and granddads and grandmothers and high school students and younger students and alumni and faculty and staff and friends. You were all heroes!

Thank you, and may the Lord bless you for the generous gift of your time and effort.

The move-in day – bringing items from the semi-trailers and offsite storage into the newly renovated and constructed classrooms will be near to August 1. We’ll let you know as soon as our construction schedule is more sure. We may schedule some on Saturday, July 29, and some during the week of August 1 and maybe some final work on Saturday, August 5. We will let you know much more detail as we get closer to the time. With the incredible time together which the Lord gave us this past Saturday, I know you won’t want to miss one or more of these move-in service days.

Our faith is stretched and our hearts are encouraged. We saw the Lord work through the families He has called into community for His ministry of Mingo Valley Christian.

Serving Him with you,

Dr. Boyd Chitwood
Superintendent, Mingo Valley Christian