Dear Mingo Valley Christian Parents:

We had parent-teacher conferences Thursday and Friday. You know that; you were here. I wanted to pass along just a couple of quick comments which I wanted you to hear.

Two of my teachers came in to talk to me after their conferences. You know when people speak up there are usually a large number more behind them. And what those teachers had to say blessed me.

My teachers wanted to tell me they were grateful for working here at Mingo Valley Christian because we have such great, supportive, engaged, loving parents! Your child’s teacher was encouraged because you came and appreciated them and described ways you’re working for your child’s growth.

You let your teachers see that the partnership we all so desire is in action here. For our students’ (your children’s) good and for God’s glory, school and home, parent and teacher are teaming together and blessing each other in the process.

Thank you for your hearts, your commitments, and the active investment you make in your child’s life and learning.

We appreciate you.

Dr. Boyd Chitwood
Mingo Valley Christian