K4 - 5th Grade

Our elementary teachers prepare young students as strong learners, equipped with highly effective academic skills and motivated to grow as independent readers, writers, and thinkers. Cultivating godly and affirming relationships with each student, we encourage them to grow in confidence and Holy Spirit-grown character as they learn more about the ways God has gifted them, and as they learn more about God Himself and His love for them. Elements of our elementary educational program include:

  • Fundamentally strong and motivationally personalized reading program using Daily Five and Phonics strategies and time-tested, quality reading content.

  • Proven-effective instruction in reasoning and problem-solving as well as essential basic skills through Singapore Math.

  • Bible instruction and scripture memory in all grades to grow a love for God’s Word and an understanding of life through a Christ-centered worldview.

  • Character traits curriculum to put into practice consistent growth in the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • Technology integrated into the classroom for enhanced student engagement in learning as well as essential practice – and appropriate discernment -- in using tools which shape so much of school and career life today.

  • Hands-on, experiential learning across the subject spectrum.

  • Solid, fundamental preparation in vital subjects of science, history, grammar, and writing.

  • Growth opportunities and skills development in communication, reasoning, and public speaking.

  • Consistent attention to the nurture of strong peer relationships growing out of maturing godly character and willingness to do the essential relational work of respect, communication, forgiveness and restoration.

  • Full range of academic enrichments including computer, Spanish, art, music, library skills, and physical education.

  • In addition to PE class, we have substantial, daily recess periods for physical and emotional growth and the encouragement of peaceful spirits and God-honoring play and teamwork.

  • Reasonable, effective levels of standardized testing and assessment to accountably identify learning while not overwhelming both the spirit and the time to learn.

You can read more about our curriculum here, and we invite you to contact us with your questions.