• COVID Plan (12.11.20)
    The most recent version of our COVID plan. We expect to make frequent updates to this, but we'll always post the most recent one here.
  • Student Health Guide (12.11.20)
    A reference guide for managing COVID health decisions at home, produced in coordination with the Tulsa Health Department.
  • Select Remote instructions
    Our plan is for most of our students to do school in person, five days a week, but we offer the Select Remote option for students who need to be home temporarily or longer term. These are the instructions for joining the live classroom.


After a summer of consultation with experts, busy preparations, and prayerful planning, we are preparing to start face-to-face school on Thursday, August 13. We have a deeply committed faculty and a significant summer investment in facility and technology upgrades that promote healthy distancing. We believe our school size--325 students--gives us a real advantage, in that we are big enough to bring significant experience and resources to bear, but we are small enough to make creative adjustments quickly as the world around us changes. We invite you to read our full plan here. Some key highlights include the following:

  • Our very experienced school nurse, Shaylene Chatham, has been in regular communication with the Tulsa Health Department to determine best practices for managing our school health procedures. We are following their guidance, and Mrs. Chatham serves as an invaluable, accessible resource to all our MVC families.
  • While we desire for as many of our students as possible to be in the classroom, we have invested significantly in technology to allow immuno-compromised students and families to do learning at home while staying as connected to the classroom as technology will allow.
  • We are implementing evidenced-based distancing measures throughout the school day, including a selective mask policy that takes into consideration the activity and the age of the student, adapted schedules with staggered class movement, significant distancing measures when large groups are required, and much more that you can read about in our plan.
  • We are continuing with comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting measures by a qualified janitorial service that will take place nightly with approved chemicals. Weekly, there will be an additional mist spraying of recommended agents for extra coverage. 
  • We have hired a new Director of Digital Learning, Wendy Mills, who brings her 20 years of experience in remote learning to MVC. For our students who need to stay at home because of health reasons, or in the (hopefully unlikely) event of a school-wide shutdown, Mrs. Mills has trained our teachers fully on the very best practices to keep a seamless-as-possible connection between the remote learning environment and the in-person classroom.

We do not profess to have perfect predictions about the future of this school year. But our Eagle community is strong, our teachers are fiercely committed, and (most importantly) the Lord has determined our steps and holds our future in His hands. We walk forward into this school year relying on Him.

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  • MVC's Spring 2020 Experience

    At Mingo Valley Christian, we are blessed to have a committed team of educators and a technical support staff who were ready to embrace the challenge of launching a remote learning initiative that none of us ever could've imagined, especially on such short notice. 

    From Monday, March 30 through Wednesday, May 20, our students did school at home, still directly guided by teachers and supported, as always, by their parents. We are thankful that in August of 2019, we launched MyMVC, a comprehensive, cloud-based school management system that positioned us to make this unexpected transition. There has always been a strong culture of partnership between parents and teachers at Mingo Valley Christian, and we were delighted to see that this challenging season only enhanced that further. Thanks to the profound commitment of our faculty and parents, our students were able to move forward with real school. Students did daily work and gained academic ground, despite the less-than-ideal circumstances.We invite you to check us out on Facebook, and Instagram (@mingovalleyeagles) to see how our families, students, and teachers continued to learn and grow during this strange season.

    Click here for our Vimeo channel, where you can see some of the school videos produced during the quarantine. 
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