We were so grateful to have a complete, in-person school year in 2020-21, and Lord willing, we are planning for the same in this upcoming year! 
Like all of you, we are taking a deep breath and enjoying the return of some normalcy to our world, and we're eager to incorporate that normalcy back into the MVC school day. With continually improving infection/hospitalization rates in the Tulsa metro, we are spending our summer watching for updates and planning/adjusting for the year ahead. Based on what we know now, we are expecting a typical school year that returns us to pre-2020 school conditions, maintaining our heightened commitment to facility disenfecting and student handwashing. We plan to follow the same symptom guidelines we followed last year. If and when conditions/recommendations change, we will adjust accordingly, with the safety of our MVC students as our highest priority.
The challenges of COVID taught us much about optimizing safety without sacrificing the excellent educational experience our MVC families expect. Those lessons have made us stronger as a school community, and these are some of the things we're carrying forward into 2021-22:
  • During COVID we made substantial investments in facility and technology upgrades that will benefit our students long after COVID. We know how to transition quarantining students quickly into and out of temporary remote learning in a way that is not disruptive to their learning experience. If and when we encounter situations that require a student quarantine in the coming year, we are still fully set up to employ the same strategies.

  • We have an extremely capable and experienced team of two school nurses who remain in regular communication with the Tulsa Health Department to determine best practices for managing our school health procedures. This partnership with THD will continue. As they did all last year, our nursing team remains laser-focused on protecting student health.
  • This summer we are completely replacing the entire HVAC system in our Lower School building with a new system that includes ionization units to kill pathogens. As stated earlier, we are continuing with comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting measures by a qualified janitorial service that will take place nightly with approved chemicals.  
  • If you're new to MVC and curious about our past procedures, we invite you to the read our 2020-21 Covid Plan here, keeping in mind that many of these policies are no longer in place for the coming year.
We do not profess to have perfect predictions about the future of this school year. But our Eagle community is strong, our teachers are fiercely committed, and (most importantly) the Lord has determined our steps and holds our future in His hands. We are walking through this--and every!--school year relying on Him.
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